Project data


Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 131-135,
42117 Wuppertal

Closest highway

A46 (ca. 3,5 km)

Purchase price index

99,0 (2011)

Catchment area (4km)

130.000 Inhabitants

Car frequency

750 per hour

Site area

20.470 m²

Lettable area

9.761 m² (site 1.464 m², building 8.297 m²)

Contact person

Yasmin Günther
+49 211 20 05 17 0
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Project data

Wuppertal is the economic and cultural heart of the Bergisches Land region. Its population of more than 350,000 is enough to make the city a very important retail location within North Rhine-Westphalia. The city comprises the two districts Barmen and Elberfeld, which have always competed to be the center of the city and the focal point of retail. The center of Elberfeld has held the upper hand in this rivalry for a number of decades.

Purchasing power

MSC 07 is located on the two-lane federal highway Friedrich-Ebert-Straße, which extends through the city from west to east. The site has a daily traffic volume of 28,800 vehicles. The Multi Service Center measures approximately 20,470 square meters and is around 1.5 kilometers from the center of Elberfeld. It is highly visible and enjoys good infrastructure links.

There are residential and commercial properties nearby in a ratio of approximately 60:40. The multiservice center serves some 130,000 residents within a radius of approximately four kilometers and lots of inbound commuters, and its catchment area covers in particular the more affluent residential areas in and around the Elberfeld district. The site has building permission for further expansion, if required.

Population of more
than 350,000

Floor plan

Renter/Lettable area

1. Pit Shop
2. TÜV
3. Garage
4. Bürohaus
5. Autoglaser/ -werkstatt
6. + 8. Tankstelle & Autowaschstraße
7.  McDonald’s
9. Netto Marken-Discount
10. Subway

11. Sonnenstudio
12. Friseur
13. Eingang Hotel 1. OG
14. Telepizza
15. Autoteileverkauf
16. Möbelhandel
17. Fahrradhändler
18. China Restaurant