Project data


Äppelallee 110 – 116,
65203 Wiesbaden

Closest highway

A643 (ca. 500 m)

Purchase price index

113,2 (2010)

Catchment area (4km)

114.000 Inhabitants

Car frequency

550 per hour

Site area

17.676 m²

Lettable area

8.721 m²(site 4.466 m², building 4.255 m²)



Contact person

Yasmin Günther
+49 211 20 05 17 0
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Project data

Wiesbaden is in the economically strong Rhine-Main area and is one of Germany’s most popular places for retailers and investors. As a shopping city, Wiesbaden benefits from the population’s above-average purchasing power and from its attractiveness to visitors and tourists. The Wiesbaden catchment area has retail-related demand volume of just under 2.6 billion euros, 57% of which relates to the city of Wiesbaden alone. The region boasts purchasing power of around 5,000 euros per capita, which is approximately 13% above the national average, making it one of the top retail regions in Germany.

Popular place
for retailers

MSC is located in the Schierstein borough in the south of Wiesbaden, on a site measuring 17,675 square meters. It is at the intersection of the main roads Äppelallee and Rheingaustraße, both of which are heavily used, resulting in a daily traffic volume of 24,000 vehicles.

The Multi Service Center is located excellently in terms of advertising and infrastructure. It has an optimal, direct link to the autobahn for private transport and boasts excellent local public transport connections, thus serving just under 180,000 residents within a radius of around four kilometers. There are residential and commercial properties nearby in a ratio of approximately 40:60. The site has building permission for further expansion, if required.

Population’s above-average
purchasing power

Floor plan

Renter/Lettable area

1. Subway, 120 m²
2. Extra Games, 315 m²
3. Restaurant, 190 m²
4. Büro, 300 m²
5. Tankstelle, 1.923 m²
6. Reifenmarkt, 719 m²

7. Sparda-Bank, 145 m²
8. Autoglaser, 240 m²
9. Autowaschstraße, 2.543 m² Grst.
10. Netto-Markt, 1.121 m²
11. Tedi-Markt, 420 m²
12. Getränke-Markt, 650 m²