Project data


Karl-Grusen-Straße 169 – 171,
40231 Düsseldorf

Closest highway

A46 (4,0 km)

Purchase price index

119,7 (2011)

Catchment area (4km)

113.000 Inhabitants

Car frequency

521 per hour

Site area

9.450 m²

Lettable area

8.290 m² (site 2.900 m², building 5.390 m²)

Contact person

Yasmin Günther
+49 211 20 05 17 0
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Project data

Düsseldorf is the capital of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and is Germany’s seventh-largest city, with a population of more than 599,000. Its central location in terms of geography and business and its strong international focus make Düsseldorf one of the most attractive cities in Germany for investors.

This fashion hub is also one of the healthiest retail cities in Europe and has an irresistible appeal for successful national and international retailers, primarily thanks to its excellent catchment area that encompasses some nine million people within a radius of 50 kilometers. The city boasts purchasing power and centrality which are significantly above average for Germany.

Purchasing power

The MSC site measures approximately 9,450 square meters and is located in the Düsseldorf district of Lierenfeld, on the four-lane main road Karl-Geusen-Straße, which has a traffic frequency of around 521 vehicles an hour.

The highly visible multiservice center has good infrastructure links and is only approximately 4.5 kilometers from the city center. It serves some 113,000 residents and a large number of in-commuters within a radius of around four kilometers.

Located excellently in terms of
advertising and infrastructure

Floor plan

Renter/Lettable area

1. China Restaurant, 1.233 m²
2. Bistro Cloud Kitchen, 165 m²
3. Hotel EG – 2. OG, 2.250 m²
4. HEM Tankstelle, 1.400 m²
5. Autowerkstatt, 170 m²

6. TÜV & Autoglaser, 260 m²
7. Autoerkstatt, 232 m²
8. Lackzauber, 170 m²
9. Fortress Lager, 900 m²
10. Waschstraße, 1.500 m²