Wittener Straße

Project data


Alte Wittener Straße 38-42 b, 44803 Bochum

Closest highway

A43 (ca. 1 km)

Purchase price index

96,0 (2011)

Catchment area (4km)

373.976 Inhabitants

Car frequency

1.470 per hour

Site area

7.219 m²

Lettable area

5.945 m² (site 4.324 m², building 1.621 m²)

Contact person

Yasmin Günther
+49 211 20 05 17 0
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Project data

Bochum is considered to be the heart of the central Ruhr region. Although the economic situation has been difficult for years, the city offers substantial development potential. The structural change is showing its effects and the service sector in particular has developed positively. Bochum’s retail sector has been able to hold its own – particularly in the city’s districts – in spite of the extraordinary competitive situation in the Ruhr region. The city has a total sales area of around 640,000 square meters, which generates some 2.1 billion euros per year.

Purchasing power

The MSC 08 site in Bochum, which has a surface area of more than 7,000 square meters, is located on the Wittener Straße federal highway, which guarantees a frequency of almost 30,000 vehicles per day.

The multiservice center is located excellently in terms of advertising and infrastructure. It has outstanding connections for both private and public transport and supplies some 130,000 inhabitants within a radius of around four kilometers. The ratio of residential and commercial use in the surrounding area is 60:40.

Located excellently in terms of
advertising and infrastructure

1. Netto Supermarkt, 1233 m²
2. Bäckerei Bistro, 145 m²
3. Kiosk, 85 m²
4. Sushi Restaurant, 63 m²

5. Solarium, 229 m²
6. Einzelhandel, 778 m²
7. KFZ Werkstatt, 240 m²
8. Fachmarkt Matratzen, 120 m²
9. Tankstelle, 114 m²
10. Waschstraße, 114 m²