Storkower Straße

Project data


Storkower Straße 126-130,
10407 Berlin

Closest highway

A114 (ca. 5,8km)

Purchase price index

90,7 (2011)

Catchment area (4km)

160.000 Inhabitants

Car frequency

654 per hour

Site area

11.130 m²

Lettable area

5.168 m² (site 2.357 m², building 2.811 m²)

Contact person

Yasmin Günther
+49 211 20 05 17 0
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Project data

Germany’s capital, Berlin, is by far the biggest city in the country. Berlin’s economic weight is determined by its political significance as the capital of the largest country in Western Europe, with a population of 80 million. Although Berlin has below-average purchasing power and centrality, it is nevertheless one of the most popular places in Germany for national and international retailers. According to the GfK market research institute, Berlin’s retail sales amounted to approximately 16.57 billion euros in 2010.

Popular place
for retailers

The MSC occupies 10,000 square meters by a four-lane main road, Storkower Straße, in the east of Berlin. The site has a daily traffic volume of 31,400 vehicles. With its excellent position in terms of advertising and infrastructure, the Multi Service Center serves some 160,000 residents within a radius of around four kilometers, primarily in the area of Prenzlauer Berg.

The ratio of residential to commercial properties in the area is approximately 55:45. Berlin’s former slaughterhouses in the direct vicinity of the site have been transformed into a business district with more than 150 companies, primarily from the fields of IT and communication. The site has building permission for further expansion, if required.

Business district with
more than 150 companies

Floor plan

Renter/rentable Area

1. Netto Marken-Discount, 930 m²
2. Fressnapf Tiernahrung, 460 m²
3. Quick Reifendiscount, 561 m²
4. KFZ Werkstatt Rado, 240 m²
5. Quick Reifenlager, 191 m²

6. N. N., 299 m²
7. Der Lackdoktor, 120 m²
8. JET Tankstelle, 1.000 m²
9. IMO Autowaschstraße, 1.357 m²