Rummelsburger Landstraße

Project data


Rummelsburger Straße 34-62,
12459 Berlin

Closest highway

A113 (ca. 6,5 km)

Purchase price index

100,8 (2011)

Catchment area (4km)

168.000 Inhabitants

Car frequency

654 per hour

Site area

14.030 m²

Lettable area

11.500 m² (site 14.030 m², building 11.500 m²)

Contact person

Yasmin Günther
+49 211 20 05 17 0
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Project data

With its population of over 3.5 million, Germany’s capital Berlin is by far the largest city in the country. Although its residents’ purchasing power is only just above the German average, Berlin is economically important due to its role as the political and cultural heart of the biggest country in Western Europe, which is home to 80 million people. As a result, Berlin is one of the most popular locations in Germany for national and international retailers alike. According to GfK, retail sales exceeded 18 billion euros in 2016. The unemployment rate remains above average but is steadily falling. At the same time, the number of employees paying social insurance in Berlin is rising rapidly – recent figures from the Federal Employment Agency show an increase of around 30 percent over the last ten years.

Popular place
for retailer

The site spans more than 14,000 square meters in the district of Berlin Treptow-Köpenick. It is located approximately nine kilometers from the center of Berlin, on the four-lane main road Rummelsburger Landstraße 34–62, with a high frequency of almost 32,000 vehicles a day. Built on the former site of an East Berlin radio station, the Multi Service Center is highly visible and is easily accessible using both private and public transport.

It serves some 168,000 residents within a four-kilometer radius. There are residential and commercial properties in the surrounding area in a ratio of 70:30. Berlin’s future airport BER is only about a 30-minute drive away.

It is located approximately nine
kilometers from the center of Berlin

Floor plan

Renter/rentable Area

1. Boarding House / Hotel
2. Büro 1 / Studio
3. Büro 2 / Studio
4. Parkhaus
5. Büro 3 / Studio
6. Büro 4 / Studio
7. Ateliers
8a. Büro 5 / Studio
8b. Fitness
9. Tiefgarage 230 Stellplätze
10. Restaurant, Ausstellungsflächen, Studio / Ateliers, CoWorking / Büro, Roof Top Bar, Self Storage