A successful
combination with
added value

The concept of the multiservice center is both simple and successful. It is based on car-related services combined with retail outlets: gas station, car wash, and car services coupled with fast-food restaurants and specialist retail outlets for food, beverages, pet food, and drugstore products

The right

This usage mix is supplemented by further retailers and service providers such as hairdressers, hair product outlets, bank branches, and tanning salons. The core concept of the multiservice center is based on the convenience element of a gas station:

everything that customers expect to find on a small scale in a gas station is offered by specialist outlets on a larger scale on a site measuring between 10,000 and 20,000 m².


This means that motorized customers are catered for by specialized professionals not only with regard to car-related services, but also in other retail outlets to which customers generally travel by car.

This concept also generates more business for the individual tenants than is the case with “standalone” locations. Because of this, there is usually high demand for Fortress Immobilien AG centers from the same users, who enter into long-term leases.