Successful together

Team der Fortress GmbH

Ulrich Henssen

Management, focusing in particular on finance and contractual negotiations

„I’m passionate about multifunctionality.“

Rudolf Henssen

Authorized Signatory
Site acquisition and financial controlling

„Sometimes, the seed goes unsown“

Barbara Schnöpel

Executive Assistant

„Relationships between people are ultimately what make life worth living..“

Yasmin Günther

Team Assistant

„Life isn’t a problem for optimists – it’s the solution. (Marcel Pagnol)“

Norbert Niklaus

Berlin Office Manager

„The glass is always half full.“

Johannes Bommers

Management Assistant

„Wenn der Wind der Veränderung weht, bauen die einen Mauern und die anderen Windmühlen.“

Vera Kranz

Management Assistant

Christian Weber

Member of the management